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Take a look at what our AIESECers said after one year’s experience

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Rachel Luk

Year 2 | BBA iN ACCT

I would say my experience in oGV was truly inspiring in a nutshell. I was so grateful to take up the role as Exchange Participant Manager (EPM), to lead, educate and support my EP in his journey. I first felt a bit inferior because I was not a very outgoing person. But I kept trying and stepping out of my comfort zone, and took the initiative to do pitching to both local and non-local students in the campus. The work was challenging yet rewarding. I felt that I was not only promoting AIESEC and its values to them, but at the same time driving myself to be a better me. Focus on your strengths and don’t forget to develop your weaknesses. “You will never regret being brave and strong.”
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Kelvin Lau

Year 2 | BSC in Math & CS

AIESEC is a place where you can work in a professional manner and meet awesome people. I was grateful to the up the role as an officer of FlAIM, in which I focus more on the part of information management. It was surely rewarding and fresh for me to work on database building or analysis. The satisfaction I got when I saw how things went smoothly because of the backup work we did cannot be easily described in words.   “Don’t ever underestimate the impact you may have made”
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Suki Wong

Year 2 | BBA

Hello I am Suki, former Officer of Talent Management. The major duty of a TM officer is to gatekeep membership experience. In face of social and political turmoil, the journey is really challenging but our team still collaborated and thought of news ways and plans to enhance members’ engagement level such as switching things online. Things do not go as I expected, but I still realise some life-changing values and hone some of my skills such as designing techniques and teamwork skills because of AIESEC, which I have never expected before I entered this community. At the end of the term, I am still grateful that I have chosen TM in which it has given me a lot of opportunities and has transformed me into a better person.

Stephanie Ip

Year 2 | BBA in FINA

Despite the situation in Hong Kong, I have gained many learning opportunities from joining AIESEC, especially skills in organizing events and contacting externals. Being a Business Development officer, I was responsible for staging the AIESEC Week, which was cancelled eventually with my peers. During the whole process, I have both my hard and soft skills sharpened, like drafting cold emails with suitable content and length or collaborating with teammates from different school year. Then, these skills are further consolidated through sales training as more information about AIESEC was provided. Moreover, I have made friends from diverse schools by joining conferences and acting as the organizing committee. Therefore, being a member of AIESEC is a rewarding and enriching experience for me.

Sydney Li

Year 2 | BBA in Fina

AIESEC has truly helped me in boosting my confidence in presenting my ideas. I was grateful to have the opportunity to work as a member in oGET and dedicate myself to working for others. I was surprised by how far I have reached just within a year in AIESEC, exposing to different occasions and walking out of my comfort zone. Being an introvert, I could hardly imagine myself randomly pitching to different students in the campus for the sake of our far-fetched goals. I can still recall how passionate and enthusiastic we were in vivid details. You will never realize how far you can reach if you do not put yourself out and explore new experiences.

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Joyce Chan

Year 2 | BBA in FINA

My time in iGET was rewarding, but I looked for growth in the wrong place. I was really demotivated towards the end because it’s difficult to get replies from companies, let alone get a sales meeting. I also had trouble prospecting companies efficiently, often spending an entire day to dig just 10 leads. I was moved to matching team in the second semester and I enjoyed interviewing the candidates, learnt useful CV writing, interview skills through this. Most importantly, it helped me break out of my shell and gain confidence outside of AIESEC.

I am not saying this to discourage you from joining raising team as you learn arguably more in raising! Just be prepared for rejection/stress in raising and choose something that truly suits you! Don’t just join a team because others all want to join that particular one.

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