While others grow their professional career,


Gain Work Experience by

Interning Abroad

Looking to advance in a particular field of work? Why not hone your skill-sets and at the same time become global-minded to stand out as an elite talent?

Global Talent is a 6-78 weeks global internship opportunity for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career.


Your Career

Launch yourself into a challenging role that allows you to gain a professional edge with our partners who are dedicated to provide an enriching experience.



Expand your horizon by developing your career in a global setting. Work in a whole new environment and culture, while adapting to a local life in another country.



Grow and develop develop your leadership competencies and personal skills by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing.

We take care of


Meet our
Exchange participant manager

An AIESECer will be assigned to be your 1-to-1 buddy, managing your journey from the beginning to the end

Detailed logistic preparation

Before departure, we will ensure that you have the right visa and transportation arrangements

Safe living condition

You will receive information regarding insurance, accommodation and basic living expenses. International SOS and our AIESEC members will ensure your safety throughout the trip


You will receive guidance and trainings to understand the local culture of your destination. By setting clear goals and expectations, we will assist you to maximize your learnings throughout the trip

Safety Notice regarding current novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Safety always comes first. In the light of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we advise you to ensure you are aware of the latest information available on the WHO website and through your public health authority before making exchange plans with AIESEC. 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a rapidly changing situation – we are committed to keeping our customers informed and taken care of. We have released “COVID-19 Special Arrangements” in addition to our Exchange Product Policies to protect our customers. Our AIESEC experience managers are ready to address your queries when you are considering to make exchange plans with AIESEC.

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