Our Operation

What do we do exactly?

Our members, namely AIESECers, assist youth in joining overseas internship or volunteer work through sending HKUST students abroad and admitting foreign youth to local programmes, while facilitating their cultural exchange experience.

Department Introduction


oGV is directly in touch with exchange participants to nurture their overseas volunteering experiences:

  • Communicate closely with exchange participants and consolidate their learnings throughout their journey
  • Prepare sessions for exchange participants to gain personal growth
  • Work closely with AIESEC entities from around the globe to ensure the quality of our exchange
What will you develop?
  • Customer Servicing
  • Communication skills
  • Social and global awareness


oGT aims to create professional overseas internship opportunities in the fields of Business, IT, Engineering and Teaching to HKUST students in order to facilitate them to gain a wider perspective and be more competitive in the local job market:
  • Assist HKUST students to apply for overseas internship
  • Nurture partnership experiences with our global partners
  • Engage in lead nurturing campaigns and events to ensure customer experience
What will you develop?
  • Business Acumen
  • Sales and Pitching
  • Career Coaching


iGT collaborates with local companies to provide professional internship opportunities for international talents:

  • Attend company meets and networking events
  • Conduct CV screening and interviews for international applicants to match with internship opportunities
  • Bridge between companies and interns throughout the internship period
What will you develop?
  • B2B Sales and Prospecting
  • Business insight
  • Cultural Sensitivity


BM aims to nurture creative and data-driven marketers as they learn to market and promote our exchanges and branding events:

  • Initiate and execute marketing campaigns and events
  • Manage all marketing channels and engage in content creation such as video shooting and social media content
  • Gain hands-on experience in digital marketing and customer relations management
What will you develop?
  • Content Creation
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Sales & Pitching


BD is a department which provides event management and partnership engagement experience for members:
  • Organise in-campus branding events to foster cooperation with business partners
  • Engage with corporates and campus units through prospecting, company meetings and networking events to raise partnership and sponsorship
  • Meet up and maintain good relationships with school office and externals
What will you develop?
  • Event Management
  • Networking and Negotiation
  • Professional Content Drafting for proposals & pitching materials


TM is in charge of making people decisions, managing people and culture within the organisation:
  • Prepare and conduct internal training and member education
  • Plan and organise bonding events among AIESEC members
  • Track members’ performance for all departments
What will you develop?
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Data analysis
  • Session planning & coaching


FLAIM is a department which works to support the organisation’s sustainability in terms of financial status, compliance and data:
  • Analyze information and data available to support operational performance
  • Bookkeep, advise and source longer-term financing
  • Present the statement result with regular internal reporting
What will you develop?
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Knowledge Management and Data Analysis Skills
  • Legal Research, Advice & Drafting