[Environesia] Handvironment 5.0

#Responsible Consumption and Production #Food Waste

Project ID – 1202422

Earliest Starting Date

1 Jul 2020


6 Weeks

Latest End Date

12 Aug 2020

Application Deadline

18 Mar 2020



About the project

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production

Handvironment is a project that focused on protecting and preserving the environment surrounding the Special Region of Yogyakarta from home industrial waste and have been in its 5th consecutive year. This project aims to create better environment by manage home industrial waste to be useful things and raise awareness of society to keep health nature.

Lets be part of creating Yogyakarta as a better place to life.

main activities

  • Week 1: Incoming preparation seminar, Welcoming party, and Games day

  • Week 2: Home industry visit, Seminar or workshop, Problem research and Action planning

  • Week 3: Sosialization to society and demonstrate how to manage home industrial waste

  • Week 4: Managing home industrial waste with local society (execute the idea of 3R)

  • Week 5: School roadshow, Manage home industrial waste (execute the idea), and environment campaign

  • Week 6: Global village and Farewall party

eligibility requirement


Ecology, Environmental Engineering


Team Management, Self Awareness, World Citizenship (required), Adaptability(required), Waste & Water Management, Ecology, Civil Engineering / Environmental Engineering


No preferences


English (required)

education level

Associate Degree, Bachelor (Suitable for Year 1-4), High School, Masters


visa and logistics

8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Not on weekends

– Accommodation is provided and covered by the project fee

– Meals are not provided

Type: Socio Cultural
Duration: 60 Days
Health and Travel insurance are strongly recommended to be prepared before go to Indonesia (required to be approved)

Host AIESEC Office

AIESEC in UPNVY (aiesec.upnvy@gmail.com)

Application Procedure

Project fee

To be paid once you are accepted

HKD$ 2,835+ $750 deposit
  • Covered accomodation
  • 24/7 Support from International SOS
  • 1-to-1 Manager taking care your whole trip
  • Various leadership spaces and administrative costs

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