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Project ID – 1212784

Earliest Starting Date

1 Jul 2020


6 Weeks

Latest End Date

12 Aug 2020

Application Deadline

18 Mar 2020



About the project

Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

The international volunteers will be responsible for building awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as local and global issues in collaboration with schools in various communities.

The project will be carried out using interactive, non-formal educational methods, and it will address both the knowledge on SDGs and the development of skills that will make youth world citizens.

main activities

  • Gain knowledge on SDGs, skills of 2030, global and local issues, elements and qualities of a Global Citizen

  • Prepare and execute introductory lessons about SDGs, bring awareness to the current issues happening in the local community and how youth can act upon them

  • Create workshops and group activities related to the skills needed to become sustainable and global citizens

  • Train youth on Global Citizen qualities and make an assessment on their development

  • Initiate and deliver Global Action Week for Education campaign

eligibility requirement


Education, Computer Engineering


Leadership (required), Facilitation (required), World Citizenship (required)


Algeria, Cambodia, Canada, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia


English (required)

education level

Bachelor (Suitable for Year 1-4)


visa and logistics

8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Not on weekends

– Accommodation is provided and covered by the project fee

Type: Business
Duration: 3 Months
Please ensure that you have health insurance prior to departing to Vietnam.

Host AIESEC Office

AIESEC in Ho Chi Minh East (

Application Procedure

Project fee

To be paid once you are accepted

HKD$ 2,944+ $750 deposit
  • Covered accomodation
  • 24/7 Support from International SOS
  • 1-to-1 Manager taking care your whole trip
  • Various leadership spaces and administrative costs

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