Why Join Us?

OUr Value Proposition

Leadership Development

At AIESEC, we value everyone’s personal development, and provide team leading experience to enhance skills and leadership.

Global Network

We always believe that cultural understanding is the key to cultivate empathy for a culturally diverse community. Even when facing pandemic, we are still adamant to connect with our AIESEC network in over 120+ countries through virtual settings.


Facilitating exchange experiences is the core of what we do. It is our belief that cross-cultural environments are challenging that broaden our horizons and push us to step out of the comfort zone.

What is good about being an AIESECer?

Diverse Skillset

Equip yourself with leadership skills to coordinate teams and work around solutions. Explore a variety of fields with diversified positions all year round. 

Gather to Influence

Our network includes universities in local, regional, and global level. We have tremendous alumni and partners in Hong Kong over the past 50 years.

Practical Experiences

Discover your strengths, values and purpose through challenging team experiences and facilitating cross-cultural experiences.